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So. Let's talk shall we? I have completely fallen for boy #2. Don't know what i'm talking about? Go see, right here. He is just incredible. When i look into his eyes, i melt. I wouldn't go as far as saying that i love him; but i'm pretty much in love like with him(: Yep. That's right. He is precious. And he has such a tender heart. He is just a great guy. He truely is. Now today i read this, and it melted my heart. I hope i have a relashionship like Ashley and Marcus.. They are just adorable together; right? I pray that i will have a hubby that cares for me as much as he cares for her.

Also, a day or two ago, i watched 'In Front of the Class' It was a.m.a.z.i.n.g. I was tearing up during it. It's a great and inspiring movie that i really love now. If you havent seen it; go watch the preview, and then go watch it. It's worth it, i promise. You will love it. It's about a boy with Tourette syndrome. He grew up with no teacher support, so he aimed to be a teacher when he grew up. He applied to several different schools, and he never got called back in untill about the 25th school. He finally got hired. The kids loved him. I'll stop right there. You can go watch it yourself.

So lately one of my 'friends' hasn't been around much. And i'm not gonna lie...it's been alot less dramatic and stressful. Ha. Oops. But what bothers me is that the only reasons she isn't around; is because she is always with her boyfriend. And it's not like real love; she'll be with a new guy in a month. Don't get me wrong...she's a cool girl; she is just really wish-washy..It just bothers me that she is only around her real friends (that have been there for her forever;) only when she needs help or when she has no one else around. She always chooses her current guy, over her real friends. Is that a true friend? I don't think so. But i'm fine. I have amazingg friends who i love dearly. (I'll do a post all about them, very soon!:))

Sooo. my adorable niece came over today, and we talked about disney movies. We discovered that we both loved tangled. She is a wee-bit obsessed with that movie. So we colored Tangled pictures. And she also looked adorable. (i look like poop, i know. :)) I just had to take pictures. Hehe...

I know, i'm a true artist. HA! Not! Haha remember this? Hehe that was funny. But anyways, thats what my feeling are right now, and thats how my day went. Have a great Tuesday night folks! Only 3 more days till the weekend! Ha.


  1. Totally know what you mean, I have friends like that too and it really bothers me. Also cute pictures :)


  2. Thank you so much for all your sweet comments on my blog, they are much appreciated and I love em! I'm a new follower of your blog :)

  3. aw she's adorable! great post.
    i love your blog, now following :)

    follow back? eyespyy.blogspot.com

  4. You should try the bow hair! I've seen a tutorial and it's pretty easy! Maybe I'll make a tutorial ;)

  5. The pictures of you and your neice are too cute! And I will definitely be watching that movie you recommended- sounds fantastic!


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