Lets Have a Venting Session Shall We?

I've been happy lately, no worries. But i still get annoyed and frustrated alot.
Sometimes i feel like my friends just use me and take advantage of me, and then they just through me out. And then when i need them for something, there seems to be no one there. That's not a friend in my book. In my book, a friend is someone who sticks with you through thick and thin, and who respects you no matter what. I've always tried to be the best friend that i can, but when it feels like you have none, it gets hard, and it changes you. But through this all, i 've made new friends. Not the type of friend that you hang out with everyday and talk about everything with; but friends who talk to you in the halls. Friends who laugh when you fall up the stairs at school. Those type of friends. But sometimes you need someone more than that. And i have realized my true best friend through all of this. God, and my lovely mom. She is always there for me, and she always seems to be there right when i need her most. And i don't always treat her the best i should, but she loves me no matter what. For example; the other day, i was having a terrible day at school. I ate lunch with people i hardly knew, and i did bad on a test, and i was really stressed out...and during one of my classes, i got checked out by my mom. She took me out for ice cream and then we went shopping. It was perfect timing, and i needed that, at that very moment. I love my mom, and i know that she will always be there for me. She is my real best friend(: Thanks mom

Yes, I'm Still Alive!

I'm finally back. Wow it's weird to be blogging again. Boy i have alot to say! But there is so much, that i could seriously make this post, pages long. But since i'm sure you don't want to read pages of my life updates, i will just bullet point a few highlights lately!
-I turned 16!
-My mom brought lunch for me and my friends at school!
-I went on my first date(: It was so fun. We went to trafalga, and then we went to get frozen yogurt!
-I went on my second date. A comedy show. It was quite funny!
-Went to my first dance and had a BLAST! We went hiking, and roasted hotdogs and marshmellow. We played games, and ate treats. We took pictures and then we danced lots! It was so much fun!
-I have been crushing on some new guys. They are all quite nice and lovely looking;)
-And i've been all around awesome! I'm so excited to be back on blogger, and i have many pictures to soon be posted!
Love you all!


So Sorry...

Sorry i haven't posted in what feels like forever. I'll be back soon; I've just been really busy, and I've been grounded, and more business. But i have lots of fun post's soon to come!


I Want Summer.

And i want it to be alot like these:

(Except without the beer of course!)
If you would've asked me how i felt about the weather, 2 months ago,
i would have said, "Ya, i love winter. I love the snow!"
But now, now that Christmas is over, i really want summer.
I miss summer alot. Last year, i was so so so busy
and this year, it probably still will be busy,
with work, summer school, more work...
but i am going to be sure to make time for: the pool,
the boys, the lemonade stands, the otter pops,
 the late nights, the laying in the sun with an ipod,
the sleeping out on the tramp with my brothers,
running in the sprinklers, toilet papering,
not doing makeup and hair, efy, youth conference,
work, tanning, more work, learning how to skateboard,
chilling at the lake, hanging with friends,
maybe a summer romance,
 and lots more fun stuff!!!!
It will be great. But first, it has to come!
Summer couldn't come soon enough!!!
Please hurry! :)

Can't Wait!!!!!


My Valentines Day Outfit

I am personally not a big fan of Love Day.
Unless you have that special someone,
it's just awkward and lame.
But my lovely mother always writes me a sweet letter
and gives me a little cute treat bag.
I love her, and her care always cheers me up.
Today, obviously, was love day,
and since i'm not a fan,
i did not wear pink and red. Instead i wore cheetah print!!
(Sorry for the terrible quality. I wasn't in a picture mood.)

I'm lookin' like them:

 I like cheetah alot.
Remember the cheetah rain boots? See them HERE.
I have to go to work now, so 
i hope ya'll are having a good day!
XOXO, Ta'Ta!! 


A Fun Weekend Recap!

This weekend was really fun.
I woke up saturday morning, bright and early, and
went babysitting. There was only 1 baby boy that was there,
and he was napping for most of the time; so i watched BYU TV
for about 2-1/2 hours. It was great. I didn't realize how amazing that
channel really is. Probably because i never watch it. I need to tho.

Anyways, after i was done babysitting, my mom and i, headed off to
my cousin's swim meet. 2 of my cousins are swimmers,
and they were both at state this weekend, so we wanted
to go watch and support them! We got there late, so we
missed one of my cousins swim, but we did get to watch my other cuz.

After the swim meet was over, my mom and i, met up with my
sister Lindsey. She goes to BYU. First she showed us
her new house that she will be moving into, and
then we took her out for ice cream.
BYU Creamery! It was delicious! I had chocolate chip cookie dough
flavor, and i also had some fries. It was delicious!

After we ate, we walked over to one of the BYU buildings.
In the building, there was some stores; so we shopped a little.
We bought new CTR rings, and i was very excited.
I haven't had a CTR ring since i was 8. So it was very fun.
We all got a different color, and we even got one for my sister Meg,
who goes to Dixie. So we wrapped it, and sent it to her.
Hers was red by-the-way. (Cuz of Dixie)

Anyways, after we did that, we departed Provo, and
we drove back home. It was a very fun saturday.

Then Sunday rolled around! I woke up, went to church,
had an amazing lesson, and then came home and watched
lots of movies with my bro's. It was a relaxing day.
We watched Karate Kid; Narnia; Avatar the last airbender; and More:)
We stayed up far too late i'd say. And we watched a wee bit too
much television. But hey, it was needed.

So over all, it was a great weekend!
Her are some pictures of my weekend:

I wore boots :)


We are at the Y!!!

We pretended to be loners...

We tried...


The Y

Sunday, i wore my hair in a bun.

My new purple CTR ring :)

Did i mention that tomorrow is Valentines Day?
Well, it is...and i'm not that excited.
In elemenrty school, it was fun because everyone was
your valentine, and you got yummy treats.
Now days, the teachers don't care that it's a holiday,
and unless you have a lover; (boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse)
then it isn't that fun! I'm single (and glad to be)
but it makes Valentines day a little sad. Plus, i have to work
tomorrow. So i sure won't be doing anything fun.
But maybe one of the little kids in daycare will bring me
a rose, or some cholcolate...now wouldn't that be cute.
Haha, but no, that most likely won't happen.
But i'm sure my little brother Josh would love to be my valentine.
And me and my friends, have decided to be eachothers valentine.
So it'll be okay, i just don't like walking around high school;
seeing nasty highschool makeout sessions.
It's gross. But it's fun to see old married couples
out on dates, and to see cute newly weds, acting all cheesy and cute.
So it'll be good. I think that anyone can be anyones' valentine.
A mom, a spouse, a friend, a boyfriend, an aunt, or even a neighbor...
(Allthough, it would be nice to get a rose and some chocolate...)
A valentine doesn't just have to be a lover, so if you are single...
be proud of that, and go find yourself a valentine!
And one day, this could be you:
Soooo cute ;)

And by-the-way, i saw these adorable cupcakes, and
i fell in love with them. Maybe i'll try to make one of them...

I hope ya'll have a good one!



Jams Of The Week!

Shorty Like Mine-Bow Wow ft. Chris Brown
Hometown Glory-Adele
A Thousand Years-Christina Perri
A Thousand Miles-Vanessa Carlton

And if you don't know what this is
click HERE.