"I Love You."

In english today; my teacher asked us to write a writing prompt. The question was, "What can i do today to make the day epic/memorable?" I thought about it, and i wrote down, "Go get lots of fast food and eat it really fast." Stupid, i know. But the class continued talking. We all shared what we wrote, and one kid read his and it said, "I would tell everybody that i know, that i love them, because i don't do it very often." I thought about his answer, and realized that mine was really stupid. I think that his answer made perfect sense, and his answer was totally true and real. He ment that, and when he shared his answer everyone said, "Awww.."

I think everybody should say "I love you." more often. It's a simple little phrase, but it means ALOT. Some people use it too casually, and they joke about it. I'm not saying thats what we should do; i just think we need to express our love to the poeple we care about more, because we never know when they could be gone. Even if you just write a little note saying, "Hey, i love you by the way." That could mean alot. So do it. There was this boy. His name was Matt i think. He and his mom didn't get along atall. He had a rough life and he was very depressed and suicidal. His mom was always mad at him, so he always felt like a failure. He hid his emotions inside, so nobody really knew how he felt. One day, after school; he took himself. Yes. He died.

His mom regrets alot of things, but she says that she just wished that she could have told him that she loves him, just one last time. I think that is really sad; and that shouldn't happen to anybody. Tell people that matter to you, that they matter to you. Tell your friends and family that you love them. Tell your teachers thankyou. Share your love. You never know when it could help. It could save a life. It may just make someones day even. You never really know. In this world; people are mean, and people hate. It's sad. If only people said kind things more often. If only people said hello more often. If only people said i love you more often. If only people cared.

Be nice. Be kind. Say thankyou. Say hi to people. Say i love you more. And share the love. It helps, and again; you never know when someone you love could be gone. So cherish them while you have them. The moral of the story: Say I Love You more. It feels good. Really good.

Go tell someone that you love them. I dare you.


  1. That post made me somehow feel and think better, more positive.Thanks for sharing :)
    I'm following you, return love back maybe?
    xo Anastasia

  2. Oh i'm glad you guys thought so. And anastasia, i will!


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