Sum It Up

...i have sooo much i want to share, and say, but so little time and space. So i'm going to sum my day right up. I will go into more detail tomorrow.
I woke up at 3, because i thought my clock said 6. I was really tired, okay. Geeze. Haha.
I went to school looking great. I had a good, cute outfit on today and i loved my hair and makeup.
I got hugs from lots of cute guys today. I was very happy.
I got brownie points from my teacher because i answered a question in class.
I bought doughnuts for lunch.
I wasn't in advisory.
I cheered my friend who wasn't having a good day, up.
I talked to my cousin for like 2 hours this morning.
I did descent on my math test. Not as bad as i thought i did.
I got shoved by a hot guy. And then he grabbed me and said sorry. Hehe
I laughed so hard with my friend madi today. We almost peed. Haha
I got a wink from a cute boy. Winks mean alot to me.
I loved my outfit today. I love mustard color lately.
I realized we only have 2 days of school left, untill the weekend.
I got to all my classes on time today.
I had chocolate cake after school. I've eaten more chocolate cake this week, than i have ever had in my entire life. No joke.
I hung out with some of my besties today. All day. Haha. Jalyn and Mckay. They are awesome.
I colored justin bieber coloring pages with Jalyn. We got carried away. Haha
I ate subway for dinner. With Jalyn and mom.
I played in the rain with Mckay and Jalyn.
We went to young womens (Yes, Mckay came too) and we made cupcakes.
I took my friends home at 9pm
I finished this post.
And now i'm headed to bed.
Night guys.
I'll go more into details about todays fun moments, tomorrow. I have lots of pix to share with ya'll.
Bye now.
p.s. it's february!!!


  1. I've done that before! Except I have gotten all the way ready and eaten breakfast before finally waking up to realize I don't have to be anywhere for hours.


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