"Once There Was A Snow Man!" + What I Look For In A Guy

Today, after school, me and two of my friends; Jalyn and Emily, were walking to the car to drive home. We were walking through the parking lot, when all of the sudden, (at the same time, by the way. Great minds think alike) Me and Jalyn yell, "Let's make a snowman!!!" So we turned around and ran back to the grass. Yep, at the school! It was just a little snowman, but hey, it's pretty cute(:

(Sorry for the terrible quality. They are phone pictures)

Isn't is cute?! We had fun, and we are going to make more tonight(:
Okay so here's the thing...i always say that i know what i want in a guy and i won't settle for less, and blah blah blah...but sometimes my heart just crashes and burns, and i fall for someone. Someone that isn't worth my time. No, someones looks. It's bad, i know; but sometimes, i just can't resist. But i will continue to tell myself that i will only date good guys, untill i truely believe it. Here are some summarys of some of the good guys that i like: (In no paticular order)

Boy #1: He is soooooooo sweet. He has such a tender heart. He always compliments me and makes me smile. She is really shy, but he is loosening up around me, and i'm realizing how sweet of a guy he is. He sometimes makes little comments that just make my day, and they make me laugh soo hard! And my laugh is really loud and annoying, so when he says something funny; i laugh, and then he laughs at my laugh, and then i laugh even harder because of his laugh, and so on and so fourth. He is just a really great guy. I also like that he has a plan for his life, and its a good one. He knows what he wants, and he isn't going to stop untill he gets it. I think thats very attractive. Oh, and he is super cute, so that makes it all even better! We are pretty good friends, but i like him more than that;) Okay, i just realized how long i'm talking about him...i promise i'm not a creep. Haha, well maybe just a little. ;)

Boy #2: He is adorabley sweet. He is baby cute, and attractive cute, all rolled into one. We are friends, so we talk all the time, but i like him more than just a friend. He has the most amazing smile. He always makes my day, just by smiling. And he is always near when i am sad, and he can tell when i'm down. So he always cheers me up and makes my day better. He is also very funny. He can seriously, make a joke out of anything. No joke! (Didja catch that? I know, i'm histerical.) But ya, he is just such a sweatheart. He also is very kind to people. Whenever he sees someone sitting by them selves, he always says, "Hey, lets go talk to them." And so we do, and we make a new friend everytime. He is so amazing, and i love being around him.

Boy #3: He is absolutely, incredibly, most awesomely, one of the nicest people i know. He is sooooo nice and kind. He treats me, and all other girls, with so much respect. He acts like girls are angels, and he is such a gentleman. Whenever we are at a door, he holds it open. (No one else does that these days.) He also talks to every person with such respect and firmness. Everyone knows him for his kindness. He is also such a great example, and he is always telling me what i do well, and what i can work on. Also, when i am angry or sad, and i'm not in a good mood, he always cheers me up, and then tells me a scripture that he likes. He is just adorable. He is also one of the sweetest kids ever. He is mature, don't take this the wrong way, but he is shy about girls, so when ever me and my girls bring it up, he just blushes and smiles. His sweet little half smile melts my heart. I love that i can be myself around him, and i know he won't judge me.

As you can see, and of these guys are just so great. I'm so glad that i know so many amazing people. I seriously love my friends, and all of their sweet spirits. Now, now, here are a few things that i look for in the opposite sex. I just thought it's be fun to share...

1. Sense of humor. They gotta be able to make me laugh.
2. Strong in every way. Physically, mentally, spiritually.
3. Spontaneous. (correct spelling?) It's just fun to be random.
4. Respectful. I gotta be treated with respect. Every girl deserves that.
5. Posative. I like posative people that are nice to everyone.
6. Humble. i don't like cocky people that think they are so hot. Ick!
7. Patient. I am not perfect. Atall. So they gotta be patient with me.
8. Sense of style. I like well groomed and well dressed guys.
9. Mannerous. I don't like nose pickers, arm pit itchers, etc...
10. They have to love me for me;)

I just can't wait for the 29th. Almost here!;)

What do ya'll look for in a guy??
(For you married people, what advice do you have for me? Any at all?)
Well, i hope you all are having a great day, and here is the quote of the day:
Be happy, Stay posative;


  1. Haha...you're so cute! And that snowman is so cute!

  2. I agree with your list 100%!! And personally, I think boy #3 sounds pretty dang amazing. Go for that one =)
    Also, thanks so much for your comment on my blog! I would gladly swap buttons with you, love!

  3. Awesome fun post.It seems like you have had great time with your friend. Guy 2 is sweet,isn't?
    Anyway be wise ;)Go for some one you cares you and apparently you will find out sooner or later .All the best.

  4. boy 2 sounds nice

  5. The snowman is so cute! K so I read your description of all three boys and after each one, I thought you should definitely be with him. But now I am confused because they all sound so great! I think you should go for the one that is the most honest, that you can trust and will treat you the way you deserve.


  6. Thanks! Thats some great advice!(: And yes, they are all very sewwt!(:


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