So Pretty Much Ya.

Remember yesterday? How i woke up WAY too early.
Well since i had extra time; i took some mirror pictures.
Why not, eh? Heres what i looked like:

 See my Justin Bieber poster?
Sick huh?! I love him. I really do :)

 Then after school, i took some semi-normal pictures.
I wore combat boots, yes. I love them so much;
i need to wear them more. I think i will.

 WOW. I didn't realize how awkward that looks. So sorry...
At least we know that i wouldn't be a good pole dancer ;)

Well i got this sweater out of my sisters closet.
She was lovely enough to let me borrow it for the day.
Love ya shmeg.
And then i thought of these pictures that i wanted to copy:

So when you put them all together, you get my outfit :)
Mustard color is really in right now, and i really like it.
Seriously, it is so cute and it goes with alot of different things.
I juss love it.
Today was pretty dang boring. It was just a typical day of high school.
Went. Slept. Learned. Ate. Talked. Left.
It was a lame day. But 1 good thing did happen.
And i must say, it was pretty epic.
The babest man alive, shot me a wink today.
Yep, a wink.
I was soooo happy. I almost cried. It went a little something like this:


I was walking down the halls, to my next class, with my friends.
We say this wonderful babe.
 All my friends knew i wanted to communicate with him somehow.
So they all looked away.
Him and i made eye contact.
I stared into his dark shiney brown eyes, and he stared into mine.
We stared at eachother for an entire 20 seconds. {hehe}
And as we passed him, he winked and smled his litttle half smile.
It was lovely really.


He is a total hunk. A total flirt. And totally cocky. And totally not worth it.
But hey? I'm only a teenage girl, that is a wee bit in love with him.
I mean, he's only a senior. HA!
Nah, i'm not in love with him. I'm in love with his sheer beauty.
His good looks.
And his amazing body.
That's all.
But other than that, my day was totally normal.
But for the record...Drivers Ed is thee most boring class i have
EVER taken in my entire life.
I don't know AnYoNe.
I sit behind a wierdo.
I don't ever speak.
The teacher is strange. (but funny)
And it's all book work.
It is terrible. But it's ok i guess. I only have a few months left.
Well; here is a quote i found. I really like it.


"Respect isn't just a word. It's a way of life. Live it."

Well that's all for now. I'm sure i'll be back soon.



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  2. Love that mustard color on you with your beautiful fair hair. Simply stunning, Taesha! =)
    Kristina J.

  3. Cute outfit! Looks nice and cozy. And go you with the red lipstick!


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