{Insert Title Here}

I didn't know what to call this, totally random mash up,
of a post. So come up with your own
creative title and pretend thats what it says.
Today, i looked like this:

 With this lovely hair due:
Check out the tutorial right here.
Tonight, for dinner, i tackled this bad boy from Wendys:
The Baconator. It was delicious. Unhealthy? For sure. But it
was totally worth it. Go eat one sometime this week.
I dare you.
Okay. Today, with some friends of mine;
i watched the video "Next to You"
by Chris Brown and Justin Bieber; and i LOVED it.
So much. It was so cute and their voices meshed so well.
mmm. I just love it.
Now instead of writing a forever long post about nothing useful;
i'm just going to let pictures do the talking.
These were some of the highlights of my week
and some of my favorite pictures...


A. Me and My Cousin
B. Coloring
C. Pretty looking hair
D. Snow man making
E. Rockin' combat boots
F. The Bow Tie Bun
G. Red lip stick
H. Me and my friends locker
I. Cozy fuzzy socks
Well that's all for now.


  1. Wow you look flawless with your hair back and rocking the red lip! Oh and don't tell my sis that you like Chris Brown. I think she's still holding on to that Rihanna thing lol


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