My Style File Lately

Okay, so i've been busy. So here is what i have been wearing lately:

Inspired Me:

And Me:

Inspired Me:

 And Me:
(I wore the knecklace about half the
day, and then it was out)

 So that is how i've been lookin.
See more about my makeup and hair, and makeup here:

Now, a few days ago, i was on pinterest.
I saw some cute ideas, that made me want to be creative.
So i attempted to be creative.
And this is what my creativeness brought me to:

Key Knecklace:

 Phone Chain:

 For both of those; i just used string. (Thicke kind) And i just made a bracelet.
Then i tied one to my phone and put a broken earing at the end..
and i put a key on one. Obviously the knecklace string will have to be longer.
But thankyou pinterest! My creative side came out a bit :)
Visit pinterest sometime.

Quote of the day:

I have alot to say, but i don't feel like typing right now...so ta' ta'
for now, and a long post is soon to come!
Bye Now!


  1. i like the phone chain

  2. Love the key chain. I always thought that key chains were so cute and so practical!


  3. I love these outfits. But it looks like you have the same issue as me...We need tripods lol


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