What Do You Believe?

(That was a rhetorical question)
A while back, someone posted a video on facebook.
I don't have a facebook, but my mom does.
I got home from school one day and my mom showed me the video.
It has been going around and pretty much everyone has seen it.
I really liked it. Alot. I am a Mormon. Yes, that is a religion.
I'm a latter-day-saint.
I love God, and i love my Gospel.
But i'm not self-righteous; and i try not to judge.
I believe everyone is equally important.
And i believe everyone is special.
Here is the video:
 (Watch all of it. It will make you think.)

What did you think?
It made me tear up a little. And make me think.
Like i said before, i am a Mormon.
And i'm proud to be.
But i believe in alot of what that guy said...
I love Jesus,
all of you.
Everyone is important,
and everyone
deserves an equal chance.
Who cares what religion someone is.

Love everyone.
Be kind.
And, don't judge.



  1. I saw this video a while back too. Wait... your mom has fb? lol. Anyways, I saw this video and shared with my sis (told her she needs to find her a man like that lol) You're so right. You don't need to be so called "Christian" to relate. It's if you believe in Jesus. As Mormons and other religions do. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Ya she has a FB. She's hooked! And yes, i need a man like that too! LOL .
      And yes, soo true! No problem!

  2. Nice:) it's great to be proud of what you are

    Thanks for your sweet comment!
    Claudia- the cou†ure doll

  3. i love that video. i saw it and loved it.

  4. First of all this is not the video I showed you my dear, yes it was by the same guy but it was not this one. I do believe Jesus loves us and loves religion hence why he blessed us with an organized church with the gospel. Just wanted to make that clear people so y'all didn't think TAESHA's mom fell off her rocker lol. He does make some good points but I definitely do not agree with his overall viewpoints!! TAESHA please be careful with what you post or repeat what someone says or believes especially if it's not true. Love ya sweetie!


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