Pink Butterflies + The Super Bowl Fun!

First off, today i looked like this:

I wore a butterfly scarf:

Now, now. Who watched the super bowl?! I did! It was a good game.
To be honest, i am not like, a huge football fan, but i like the pants, and the commercials,
and the food, and the fun. But i waas cheering for the Giants, and they won!:

But anyways, during the game, i doodled. Alot. This is what i doodled:

 Also, i was surfin the web, and i found this amazing picture!
It is now my laptop screensaver. :) I love him so much. Haha:

Overall, the weekend was good to me. On saturday, i had a high school musical marathon.
Yes, i still watch High School Musical. It's just so cute. I can't help it.
But other than that, i just relaxed.
Megan and Lindsey (My older sisters) came home from college for the weekend;
so it was fun to see them again. I hope ya'll are having a good monday...
Enjoy the quotes!:

See my mad editing skills right up there ^ Haha...



  1. cool briad and cool quotes

  2. nice braid, i could never do that on myself! I grabbed your button, please head over to www.dysfunctionaleverafter.com and grab mine!

  3. that scarf is so cute.

    and gosh, zac efron is hawwwt.

  4. You just inspired me to do a fishtail braid! You're like me when I watch tv. Gotta paint or sew or be doing something. And mmhmmhmmh! I love my man but that pic of Zach...let me just stop myself right there!

    1. Oh i'm so glad!! And yes, i get way to distracted. I HAVE to be doing something! Bahahahahahahahahahahahahah your great. This comment made my day;)


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