We Are Family...

I colored that picture. I know, i'm a true artist:) Jk..
(...all my brothers and sisters and me!)
Okay here is a little bit about my family:

StepDad: {45} My dad is nice, smart, and he has a great sense of humor. He always makes me laugh and he is so easy to talk to. He is also very great with technology. Whenever i need help with my phone or laptop or ipod, he knows just how to fix it. He is also a great cook. He seriously could be a chef. He makes delisious food and everyone always loves whatever he cooks.

Mom: {40} She is my hero. She is so nice and funny too. She is so generous and she is always looking for someone who needs help so that she can help them. She is also a strong person. She loves God and she has a strong testimony. She is a great example of what kind of person i want to be when i grow up. She is also a very funny girl. She always cheers me up when i'm sad and she always knows what to say to people. She is awesome.

Megan: {19} Meg oh meg. She is hilarious. She has great impersonations and she can make anyone who is sad, happy. She just had something about her that cheers you up. She is also very fun to talk to. I can talk to her about anything and she will give me the advice that i need. She likes the same things as me, so we have awesome conversations when she is home from college. And i really can go to her for anything. She is just flat out amazing. She has a blog here.

Lindsey: {18} Lindsey is such a sweetheart. She is very shy and not very loud out in public, but at home, she is a nub. We love being dorky and wierd together. We both love makeup, so it's fun to mess around with her. She is also very funny, and sometimes very oblivious. She can make anything funny. Literally. She is also very smart. She got her associates her senior year in hish school. She is a great example. I hope i'm half as smart as her one day.

Me: {15} I'm just flat out awesome, i know:) JK!

Jordan: {13} He is a character. He does karate, so he loves to be fit and strong. He always comes to me and asks me if he has gotten any bigger. He is also a very typical teenage boy. He is absolutely girl crazy. He comes home everyday with another girl story. (they are quite entertaining) But besides all of that, he is very kind. He truely cares about everyone around him, and he is always trying to make everybody happy. He is a great kid, and he inspires me everyday.

Josh: {8} What can i say about him? He is a little monster. He is crazy, loud, abnoxious, but an absolute sweatheart. I'll just tell you a little story to describe him: One day, my mom walked downstairs in a fancy dress because she was going on a date with my mom and josh said to her, "Mom, you look beautiful." That pretty much describes him. Josh is also a mini me. He does everything i do. (sometimes thats not good) but it makes me want to be better. He is great.

We are a mixed family, but somehow we make it all work. I love my crazy family and i know that God loves us and that we are ment to be together. We have fun with everything we do. We have hard times, but the good times always make the bad times go away. We are happy and we really do love eachother. We are the Baldridges :)
(this was taken a year ago. so it's not new)


  1. Your family sounds AMAZING! Lucky girl :)

  2. Families are the best! and cute picture!

  3. Ahh I love the picture in the grass! I love big families with lots of personality :)


  4. ya we've got lots of personality(: and thanks gUYS!(:


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