WiW: Snake Print Dress

Today i wore this lovely outfit. I'm quite fond of it, if i do say-so myself. I got plenty of compliments, so i think i'll wear it more often. Eh?!(:

 You just got smooched!

 Fish Net tights. They are the best!

 Snake print dress.
 I laugh alot:)

   So pretty much i loved this outfit. And what makes it better? I wore bright red lipstick!!! It looked awesome. (but i wiped it off when i got home, so you cant see it in the pictures) Some kid said, "Dude, that looks sick! I like it!" and another kid said, "I'd kiss that!" Haha, i laughed. (And no, i didn't kiss him) So it was a good dress up day. But as you can see, my hair looked like crap. As usual. It was in a loose braid all day. Hehe, that's what happens when you wake up late(:

   Okay so i'm gonna get a little cheezy right about now, so be warned...

   Okay, today was awesome for lots of reasons. Not only the awesome outfit, but cute boys complimented me. And there are cute boys in a few of my new classes (not all of them tho!): ) And after school, my friend (that i like more than a friend. but shhh...he doesn't know that!) and i were walking together and talking...and we were walking pretty close, and our hands touched. (ya, ya, i'm corny, but whatever) We looked at eachother and smiled and then went on talking. It was He was adorable.

   And guess what else?! My friend got asked to a dance, and she is soooo excited because the boy that she likes asked her!!! I'm so happy for her. I love boy happiness:) Okay, cheeziness is over now. ;)

   So over all, it was a pretty cool day. I like most of my new classes. My two 1st period classes aren't very fun...but other than that, i like em' all! Well, for the quote of the day:

Blog soon,


  1. Oh how I love grays these days and what great boots...love how you belted your look too! Yay for your friend being asked by the guy she likes to the dance...I remember those wonderful feelings!

    Liesl :)

    1. Oh, why thankyou!!! And yes, those feelings are awesome. I love em'!;)

  2. thats a good quote

  3. Love your outfit so much! Those boots are fabulous and I love the color combo! I´ve just discovered your lovely blog and I love it! I´m happy to be your new follower :)

    xx Ivana

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    Macarons and Pearls

  4. Those boots are so adorable! Haha I enjoyed for cheesy moments part of the post :)


  5. Thanks guys! I love all your comments(:

  6. Ah soooo cute! New follower right here!


  7. I couldn't stop by without sayin' how cute I though you look in this. Such a great outfit. love gray. =)
    Kristina J.

  8. Hi!!

    I love your blog, so I'm now a follower and button hoarder of yours. :) I'd love to do a swap! Check me out over at: www.kellygoingrogue.blogspot.com

    Love, Kell

  9. Cute outfit! I love long cardigans!
    ps. I like your pictures and quotes on the side :)


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