No Bake Cookies!

Yesterday, i wanted to make something yummy...but I CANNOT COOK! I can't even make top romen without ruining it somehow. So i looked through the cook books that we have, and i came across my families awesome recipe book! My dad uses this cook book all the time, so i thought i'd give it a shot!
 So i looked through it and inside, was a really easy recipe that didn't include any baking! It practically spoke to me! So i made them, and they turned out delicious!!!

 Here is the amazing recipe:
You should try it sometime! :)
And for kicks and giggles:
Oh and we musn't forget what day it is! It's Martin Luther King Jr. Day!
He had a dream and he followed it. Lets all do the same.

Have a good day everyone!


  1. They are delish! This recipe is the best tho!!!(:

  2. Thats really cool! Im going to have to try that out!


  3. Yum! This recipe has my name written all over it... I can't bake to save my life :) these sounds perfect!


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