Purple Mess

Today i decided to wear my new tights that i got for Christmas. They are so comfortable, it's insane.

 The fabric of this sweater is awesome. So cozy and warm.

 That is my, "Oh my goodness, this lighting is terrible!" face(:

 Thumbs up for purple!

Purple Knit Sweater: Rue 21 (gift)
Black Lace Skirt: Love Me More (gift)
Purple Tights: Rue 21 i think... (gift)
Black Bow Flats: Wild Diva {Payless} (gift)
Peace Bracelet: Wal-mart
CTR Bracelet: Deseret Book (gift)

 I got some wierd looks today because i don't normally wear skirts to school, but i had a desire to, and i went with it. Some people asked "Why are you wearing a skirt?" As if i was comitting a crime or something. But i just told them, "Because i felt like it!" And that seemed to make them understand. Haha. People can be wierd sometimes. Seriously tho. And today in one particular class, there were some pretty pissed off girls, and they were very catty and bratty. I was close to pulling my hair out. Girls can just be terrible sometimes. It ceases to amaze me how other peoples' minds work...and how disrespectful people can be. I think everyone should just be nice(:
 Out of these tights, i got the purple, aqua, and red ones. I love them so much(: Thanks parents santa!;)
So, i'm going to ramble a little, so, i apologize. Be unique. Don't care what others think. Be yourself. Express yourself. Love yourself. And enjoy your life. What others think of you doesn't matter. You are you and no one can change that. If you like wearing socks with sandles, go for it. Who cares what others think?! Seriously. It's hard sometimes, because people are so critical and judgemental, but they don't matter, so forget them; and be you!(: Also, today at lunch, me and my friends were eating in 'our spot' and there was a special kid laying on the floor across the hall. He was drawing in a notebook. In the middle of lunch, two boys walked by him and called him a loser. All my friends said "Awww, mean." but they didn't do anything. I felt the urge to go talk to him. So i did. I walked over to him, knelt down by him, and asked "Whatcha drawing?"
He said, "Police people."
I asked, "Do you think you could draw me?" (I didn't think he'd actually do it:))
He responded excitedly, "Ya! But you are gonna be a police woman!"
I said, "Okay, cool!"
He then said, "I will show you when i'm done. You can't look yet!"
So i said okay, and i said goodbye, and left him to his art work.
I felt good, not gonna lie. I think sometimes people are rude to others, without even realizing it. It seems to be so natural to some people, and it makes me so sad. So just please be nice to everyone, no matter what. Who knows, maybe you'll make a new friend. (:  

nuff said..


  1. Cute shoes! And i like the sweater too!

  2. Obsessed with tights? So am I :) I need to get more pairs

  3. It's so true sometimes I wish people would just QUIT being so rude to people. I don't think they realize it either.
    I LOVE your tights! :)

  4. I know right?! Everyone needs to grow up a little. Thanks girl!! I think they are having a sale at Rue 21


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