Joshua Photoshoot {Kinda..}

2nd post of the day? Yep. But it was neccessary. Joshua is my brother by the way. He goes by Josh. He wanted me to go on a walk with him. So i did. We walked; we talked; and we took pictures. Lots of em'. And please excuse our my lack of photography skills.
We walked.

 Love this one. He was just staring into the sky. He is adorable.
 We had to have some fun. But i forgot that it was zoomed. Woops!
 A dog, is a mans best friend right? (:
 Break time. (It had been like, 2 seconds. Haha)
 Streeettchhh...haha what a dork.
 He thinks he the hottest(:
 He wanted to take a picture...so i let him.
 He was like "Take a picture of this! I'm a gangster!" I know, he's adorable..
 La dee dah...

 He found a stick...bad news. Haha

 He wouldn't sit still. So i get leg shots instead. Great.

 His best friend Jake joined us at the end.
We had a good walk. And i did get some goot shots of him(:
Okay, thee end.
For now.. ;)


  1. I love your brother Taesh! Also your photography skills aren't that bad at all. You should take a photography class :)


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