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I was here and i just loved the post so much that i had to let you all know about it! Go read it. It is amazing and so true, and i love this ladys blog. Her name is Bri. Her blog is very unique and fun to read. So go read it! Now!

Okay so i totally agree with everything that Bri said in her post, so i thought i'd share some of my thoughts on love and relationships myself. I'm only 15, so i'm no pro at love and relashionships..but i do know how i feel and how my brothers feel..so hopefully you'll enjoy this post a little.

10 Things, that girls want guys to know: (Coming right from me and my girls)

1. Hugs are just what we need sometimes.
2. We don't care how hot you think another girl is, so don't even bother telling us.
3. We don't care if your the biggest, tuffest guy in the worl. It is the personality that counts. (Allthough, looks do up the like status)
4. We are always ready to talk, so speak whenever you feel neccessary.
5. We are going to always be dramatic, so get over it.
6. We can like boy stuff too. We aren't all girly girls.
7. We like being called beautiful, not hot or sexy.
8. Swearing and screaming and fighting don't impress us. Atall.
9. Being mean to us doesn't make us interested. So don't sass us if you like us.
10. Be yourself. It makes you alot more attractive and likeable.

10 Things guys want girls to know: (Coming right from my brother Jordan, who is a 13 year old chick magnent)

1. We are visual. It's harsh but true. If you look good, we'll like you. Sorry..
2. We can't read minds, so sorry if we aren't perfect and we can't always tell what's wrong.
3. Tell us if we make you mad. Don't give us the silent treatment. It sucks.
4. We aren't rich, so don't expect us to buy the world for you. We will try our best tho.
5. We love our friends, so don't expect us to only be with you all of the time. We still have lives.
6. We like when girls communicate with us. We don't like when you are non responsive.
7. Be honest with us. We don't like liars.
8. It's annoying when girls butt into all our buisness. Just chill a little.
9. Try to chill a little. We don't like dramatic brats. We know it's natural, but just try.
10. We don't like when you text on dates. It makes us feel stupid.

There ya have it. Hopefully you got something out of that. Some of them are pretty harsh, but hey, it's just their feeling. We are human, and that is how we feel. No one will ever fully understand the opposite gender, but at least try. It's worth a shot. Guys will be guys, and girls will be girls, so get used to it, and stop trying to be someone your not. You will fall in love eventually, it just takes time. And while your at it, try to understand the opposite sex why dontcha? Guys can be very confusing, and girls are 10 times worse. So i guess what i'm trying to say is; girls, chill out a little. Don't be so dramatic and sassy. And guys; be respectful to woman and girls, and be yourself. That basically raps it up. But yet again, i hope that helped a little.

Now for some quotes...here are some quotes from here.

 yes, yes, you! Yep, you! Haha
 its that simple...
 to follow your dreams...
 that would be fabulous...

Okay, i think i've said enough. Have a good day folks.


  1. That is more true then ever (well, the girls side I didn't know the boys side)!! :)

  2. I loved reading this Taesha! Felt I was able to get inside your head a bit and I found it a very cool space. =)
    Kristina J.

  3. Thanks so much for featuring me on your blog! That is extremely kind of you. And seriously, if I could go back to being 15, I would focus on improving my own talents and myself. And being friends with guys is PERFECT until you start really dating! All my best friends growing up have been guys and it gives you a realistic view into what guys are thinking, and it makes you feel more comfortable around them. Also another upside to that is you can show that you can be 'one of the guys' while showing off that you are a beautiful young woman! If you need anyone to talk to email me :)

  4. "be with someone who makes you happy." is my favourite. thanks for sharing, you! :D

  5. Can no disagree.enjoy reading it So gleeful.

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