Picnik Website & School Again & David Archuleta

I found this new website called picnik.com and it is freaking awesome. You can edit your pictures and print and do awesome stuff to it and it is completely free! Sweet huh??! I made these today:

Sweet huh? It's a super fun site, so go there and make your own!!
And guess what else? Tomorrow, school starts again ): Boo! I am not looking forward to it at all!
School means waking up early.
Having but loads of homework.
Being stressed out of your mind.
But the upsides of school are good, so it'll be okay. There are:
Cute boys.
Lovely friends.
Hilarious teachers.
But i still don't want to go back. I like sleeping in till 1:00 and not getting ready till 4:00 and then staying up till 3:00 in the morning. It's thee best ever!
But it will good to get into the mojo of things again and to have a set schedule.
Now i have got to show you this video...it is so cute! I just love David, he is presh. I'm so proud of him for deciding to go on a mission and being such a great example. He is such an inspiration to me.
Enjoy his lovely voice(:


  1. I love picnik! I didn't know about the mustaches though..!

    Happy New Year

    With Love From, Michigan

  2. I know right! I could mess around on that site for hours! And i'm just a little obsessed with staches, so not literally(:


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