The Little Things...

today was a good day. lots of good things happened.
first off, yesterday, i went ice skating, and a cute boy helped me up. so that was good.
and today was even better. i went to school and during first period, we had our writen PE final...and i think that i actually did very well. so i'm quite proud of myself. then after that we just watched a movie during second period and is was awesome. the girl that sits next to me kept making me laugh, and then she'd laugh, and so on and so fourth. so we laughed pretty hard. it was fun. third period i just chatted with some funny people, and last period was seminary. i'm gonna miss that class. i was quiet. i was the worst scripture reader in the class. and i didn't talk very often. but i learned lots of very cool things, and i met some amazing people. i am very glad i was in the class i was in. it was amazing. and today was the talent show and there were some pretty sick talents. someone taught us how to draw a smiley face. someone taught us how to whistle. someone played their trumpet. someone did backflips. i showed my doodles that i had done throughout the semester. so it was fun. i'm sad it's over, but i'm also very excited to meet my new class. it'll be good. also today, i had a yummy lunch, and during second period today, my amazing mother sent me this sweet text: 'just want ya to know i really love you & i am so glad you are a good girl-thanks for being you!' It made my day. i love my mom so much, and she always makes me smile. also, today at lunch, a cute boy gave me a hug and he said i was awesome. that made me very happy too. and between second and third period, a really cute guy said that he liked my sweater. i laughed. hard. because my sweater says I <3 Boys. it was great. and lastly, the semester is almost over, and i have good grades. today was just great. and i'm in a very happy mood. sometimes, the little things, are the best things. and today, i had lots of little things happen and they made my day great. those are the little things...
and for todays quotes:


  1. I adore the last picture! So cute!


  2. Oh thanks. get more at: www.icanread.tumblr.com

  3. love talent shows!! wish we had more of them here. thanks for all the support and kind words, hun (: appreciate it, really ♥


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