fix you.

i wore this today...
(Sorry for the awful pictures. it's one of those 'im not in the mood for pictures' day.)

 peace yo! i did my hair like this. it was a bad hair day, but i actually kinda, sorta, liked it...

 i felt like this today...hahaha
 but for all those other bad hair days, that really are bad...i need this for those days!
yep. i need it.

Now now, whenever i post about my clothes, i feel like i have to write something too, so it's not just pictures. but currently, i have absolutely nothing to say. or nothing neccessary to say. but i still feel the need to write. but about what? i was over here and i feel the exact same way as her. seriously tho. sometimes i just don't know what to say. so in these desperate times, i share quotes. so here are a few of the quotes i adore.
*love yourself just the way you are...
*Live as if you'll die tomorrow, and dream as if you'll live forever...
*I don't think rationally anymore (and i don't want to)
*if you want your dreams to come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up.
*when you finally let go of the past, something better comes along.
*when i was 5 years old, my mom always told me that the key to life was happiness. when i went to school, they asked me what i wanted to be when i grew up and i wrote down "happy!" they told me i didn't understand the assignment, and i told them they didn't understand life.
*rule 13: don't compare yourself to others. you have no idea what their journey is all about.
*DFTBA-don't forget to be awesome...
*wake up every morning with the thought that something wonderful is about to happen.
*laughing quietly to myself is the new LOL...
*a true friend knows your weaknesses, but shows you your strengths...
*depressed? earphones in. volume up. ignore the world.
*our eyes are placed in front because its more important to look ahead than look back.
*you've got enemies? good. that means you've actually stood up for something in your life.
*trust. its like paper. once its crinkled up, it can never be perfect again.
*if you really wanna live, don't give a crap about what others say or think and just do what you want to do.
*BElieve in YOUrself...
*art is anything you can get away with.
*you know what is beautiful?? look at the first word again.
*life is short. break the rules. forgive quickly. kiss slowly. laugh uncontrollably. and never regret anything that made you smile.
*your life is a canvas. make sure you paint it a whole lot of different colors.
*your prettiest when your happy...
*don't let others influence your thoughts.

Aren't they just fabulous? Go HERE to see more. It's like my favorite website eva!
Now the title of this post is fix you because i wanted to share that song. im pretty sure every single person on this planet has listened to this song at least once b4, but i can never get enough of it, so i though i'd share it anyways...
mm, i love it.

Have a great day peeps!!!


  1. you sure did make a wonderful hair day out of a "bad" one! and thank you so much for mentioning me! it seems like a lot of us are out of things to say.

  2. no prob. and thanks! and yees, i think everyone is!

  3. Ooh, live the hair-do!
    And I'm also hooked on to Coldplay at the moment. :)



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