It's What Google Is For

This morning, i woke up and saw my green tights and i knew i had to wear them. But as i looked through my closet, i didn't know what to wear. So what do you do in these situations?? Google it! I opened up google and typed 'what to wear with green tights' and i found these 3 photos:
 And i liked them all. So i combineded them!! I looked around in my closet and i came up with this: (sorry for the bad lighting)

So the moral of this story is, if you don't know what to wear, google something and it'll decide for you! So i think i will google my questions more often and so i can find cute ideas of what to wear. Try it sometime. It works. Promise.
Now guess what time it is?! It's friday! Yep! I know i'm gonna be hated for this, but all well. Just laugh with me. You gotta admit, it's cetchy!
And monday is an off day. Plus, tuesday is the start of a new term! Yippe-i-ayy!!! I hope you all have fun plans and make the best of a long weekend!! Bye bye!!


  1. I google search everything but for some reason the thought never occurred to me to do this. But I will definitely try that now!

    BTW my new Vampire Diaries recap is up so you and your sister who you said is obsessed with the show should check it out :)


  2. i love that video

  3. nice song choice. i honestly love it! :D :D :D don't know what the world's problem is, but i think rebecca black deserves credit. kid has guts. also, lovely tights!!

  4. Cute! I want some bright funky tights now!


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