Zebra Nails + My Mom

You may remember the cheetah nails that i had on from the 'Cheetah Nails' post, and now i tried out the zebra ones. Here is how they turned out. You like?

 And now...drum roll please...My Momma! I photographed her today, and here are just some of the results. Yes, yes, i know, she is beautiful. (: I love her to death.

 My mom is my hero. She always will be. She is kind, loving, friendly, stylish, beautiful, funny, full of laughter, and all around just a good person. She is always helping others and never thinks about herself. She is an amazing person and an amazing example of what kind of person i want to be. She has been through alot and she has never given up. She is so strong willed and tuff, it is nuts. I love her to peices. She also has the awesomest sense of humor. She is constantly laughing. She laughs hard things away, and she always cheers people up. She is just so fun to be around. She also is like, thee best mom ever. Even all my friends say that she is awesome. She is so chill, and she knows just what to say to teenagers and she knows how to "be cool." She is also very comforting. She always knows just what i need. And she can always tell when i am sad. She also always knows just what to say, to make me feel better. She is the most amazing person that i have ever met, and i hope i will be just like her one day. Love ya mom!!


  1. Her hair is so cute!

  2. Aww, your mom is too cute! Such a sweet post!

    Happy New Year!


  3. LOVE the nails!!! And what a sweet post, your mum is beautiful!

  4. Awe TAESHA, I love you! Your an amazing daughter too & I am so lucky to be your mom.


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