My New Years!

Eh! This is my first post of the year. Anyways, my new year celebration was great! I went to my friends house yesterday at about 7 and we made cookies and talked and waited untill everyone else got to her house. Then at 9, we headed off to the stake dance at Grove Creek. It was so much fun. There were over 400 people there!!! But it was awesome. My friends danced around and partied hard. And they even played awesome music!! And when the slow songs came on, we would head off away from eachother so we could dance with a boy. It was way fun. And there was food too, so we made a few stops by the food room. We also got a friend picture. We could all barely fit in the photo. But we were all laughing, so the photo should be pretty sweet. Haha..but then at 12, we watched the ball drop and then they let the balloons drop too. (We had a big bag oof balloons tied to the roof) And then Jay Seans song '2012' came on and me and my pals danced like there was no tomorrow. It was so fun! After the dance me and my friends went home. Once home, of course, i told my parents about my night, and went off to bed. It was an awesome night full of laughter. Oh and might i add, it took us over 30 minutes to get out of the parking lot. There were crazy drivers there! But all in all i had a great new years, and i stoked for 2012! Here are my resolutions/goals/needs:

1. Get my permit!!! Yes, i am 16 in like, two months, and i don't even have a permit. Pathetic, i know. But i will get it! Soon. Promise!

2. Laugh more. It's the best way to stay healthy, ya know?! But seriously..i need to relax a little more. So yes, i shall laugh alot.

3. Start fresh with the guys. Last years guys weren't worth my time, and they were stupid, so now, i will go into 2012 knowing exactly what i want and need in a guy.

4. Be more healthy. I am super lazy. Ya, i do stuff, and i walk around, but really? That isn't good enough. I plan to run at least twice a week and excersise everyday someway or another.

5. And last but not least...HAVE FUN! It's 2012. I will be 16 very soon, and yes, that is a big deal. Haha. But the world is pretty much going to end in 2015, so do what you want to do soon! I plan to!

So yep, that is pretty much my 'to do' list for 2012. I hope you all had a wonderful year in 2011, and may the best be with you in 2012. Be happy. Be stoked. Be smart. And get excited. Now i am headed off to 9:00 church. Yay! (that was sarcastic) And i am going with yesterday's makeup and my hair in a pony tail. Yep, i am. And i don't care. Way to start off the year Taesh. Hehe..

Well, love ya all, Taesha.

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