Yes, Yes, I Know...

I watched this:
And then i tried it out:

I didn't do mine quite as dark because i'm just having a casual day today, but i did it a little bit lighter and it still looked pretty good i thought! And i didn't use the exact stuff that she used, i just used what i had, and it worked just fine. I love doing makeup so so much, and i am always trying new things with it, and today, this is what i did. I get asked alot "How do you do your makeup?" or "What makeup do you use?" And honestly, i use alot of generic brands. I seriously go to like, wal-mart and buy whatever is cheap and it really works. (But i do use liquid liner. I HATE pencil eye liner. It hurts!!) I think it is a waist of money to buy expensive makeup, when you can find stuff just as good, at a local store. So ya, i just use whatever i have at the time. I also don't come up with my makeup ideas on my own. I watch alot of youtube videos so that i can learn from them. I usually have pretty dark eye shadows on because i love to have fun. I think makeup can be a way to express yourself and it is also WAY fun to experiment with. When i'm bored, i do makeup. No joke. Haha. And i think that the more you practice, the better you get. I started wearing makeup in 6th grade..yes, i know, early..but i'm glad i did, because i got lots of practice, so now i know what i'm doing. So i guess i'll wrap it up with saying:
Use what you have. Don't go spend hundreds of dollors on makeup. It's not worth it!
Practice, Practice, Practice! The more you experiment with makeup, the better you get!
And lastly,
Have fun! Makeup doesn't have to be the same everyday. Anyone that knows me will tell ya, i have a different makeup style everyday. It's just who i am. So do what you want, and have fun with it!
I hope that helped you in some way!!!

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