It's Time For Heels!!

I'm not really a heel person. At all. Ever. I usually have the same shoes on everyday. I like comfortable shoes, and truthfully, i don't even really care if my shoes match my outfit...if they are comfortable, then i will wear them. But i think i'm "coming of age" and i need to woman up and learn to like heels. I have always thought they are cute and girly on other people, but i can't walk in them, and i've always thought that they "Didn't look good on me" or "Make my feet look wierd" But i am going to start wearing heels more often now. Seriously tho. It'll be a challenge, trust me...but i'm willing to give it a shot. Maybe i'll start to like them. Any advice for me? Haha...these are what i usually wear...like 90% of the time:

But let me tell ya, when i saw those heels, i kid you not, i almost peed myself. I love them like a love song. (Selena Gomez:)) But no joke, they are amazing! I think i am going to have to search and find ones just like them! And while i'm waiting, i will learn how to walk in heels! That might be a good idea. Maybe this won't be so hard after all. What is your guys's favorite kind of shoes to wear, and why?? Do you lean towards comfort, or style?


  1. I lean towards comfortable style. does that count? : ) But seriously I'm pretty much always wearing heels. They are usually a wedge heel though which is probably where you should start. They are good training for being up higher but they are much sturdier than a stiletto heel. It also depends on your life style. I never wore heels in high school and still don't if i'm going to be walking a lot. but it's nice to have at least one pair for special occasions!

  2. Allright i'll start with a wedge! Thanks for the advice!! (:

  3. I like those yellow heels up there. Super cute!


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