Fun Christmas Day: 2011 + Some Venting...

Okay first you are gonna have to forgive me, but i need to vent a little. There is this boy. Let's pretend his name is Bob, okay? Well Bob and i have been friends for about 5 years. We have always been there for eachother and we truely are great friends. Whenever one of us is sad, the other one cheers them up. Always. But the thing is, we have liked eachother more than friends, off and on through out our whole 5 year friendship. But our friendship has always stayed the same. But lately i have really started to get serious feelings for him. I mean seriously, he is thee funniest guy ever. He always makes me laugh, and he is such a gentleman. But there is one problemo. He has a girlfriend. He knows i like him, and he said he likes me too, but he has a girlfriend. Ehhh?! I don't mind, because i'm only 15, but i still like him. And it's completely up to him who he dates, i support him 100%, but i am just really jelous of his girl. Not gonna lie. But i don't know what to do. I act like i don't care, and that i am totally okay with him having a girlfriend, but inside, i'm screaming. I'm screaming, saying, "I want you Bob!" I just wish he could tell that i am totally falling for him. It sucks when guys that you really like have girlfriends. Sometimes i think Bob is just so oblivious. I just don't know what to do/: Boys are so lame sometimes. Super attractive, but lame. Okay now that i've vented out my anger and man frustrations, we can get to the good stuff...
So first off, i must say, today was great. i hung out with my fabulous pal, Hailey Riss. We had a jolly ol' time. We always do. She's a bundle of craziness..haha..

 Then i just lounged around the house all day with this lovely lady: (My awesome sister Linz)
 The pic above is from last year(: A funny story about Lindsey: She lost her phone 2 days ago. She has been looking for it everywhere. And when i say everywhere, i mean it. Our parents are divorced, so her phone could have been at my house or at her moms house or at her house, or anywhere she had been through out those two days. But she wasn't having any luck, so she gave up. She figured it would show up eventually. So she hasn't really worried too much about it. So today, she decided she would go to her house over in provo (her appartment at BYU) and so she could get her hair straightener. When she got there, she decided to just straighten her hair while she was there because she didn't want to forget it at my house. So she straightened her hair. Now when she straightens her hair, she puts her trash can upside down so that she can set her straightener on it. So she went to flip her trash can over, and out fell her phone. Yep, you heard right! Her phone was in the trash! So she finished her hair and then came home and told us what happened. We got a good laugh out of it. We asked her if one of her room mates had heard it ring, but all her room mates are home for the holidays, so her phone was just chilllin in the trash can for the past 2 days. Ya, it made me laugh alot. And she has no idea how it got there either, so its a mystery. But yaa, that story pretty much sums up who she is. She is soooo funny and so oblivious sometimes. I love her to death and i always love to hear her funny stories.
 Anyways, back to my day, i then went off to young womens, which was also a blast. We made these adorable little snow men!! They were so easy to make. You just cut the top of a sock of and fill it with rice. Then you tie a knot on the sock so that there are 2 lumps for the body. Then you just decorate it! We used buttons and socks for the decor. It was so fun, and i think they turned out way cute! Everyones was so unique and special to them! It was a great idea. (That was discovered on pinterest) Woot woot!!
 We also did an ornament trade. We all brought an ornament to share with eachother. The leader read us a story and every time she said 'right' we would pass the ornament to the right, and same with the left. It was way fun, and way complicated. But i ended up with this adorable cupcake ornament. It looks so real, it makes me want to eat it. Seriously though.
 Then our leaders gave us some lovely smelling perfume. It smells soooo good. No joke.
 We also got yummy candy canes! Dontcha just love my awkward face? Haha..ehh..
 Then i took some more cute pix of my snowman. It's just adorable, i know. Haha...

 And then i took this lovely pic. I think the blurriness of it makes it look cool. Anyways, that was my awesome possum day! I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas Break! I know i am! I just love not having to go anywhere. I like being in control, and being able to go where i want when i want without having to revolve everything around school. It's great. Well, i'll stop rambling now. Bye!
:D  <3
And by the way, we only have 4 more days till Christmas!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
Okay bye for real now!!!


  1. Those ornaments are so adorable! Love, love, love that snow man! And Merry Christmas to you! =)
    Kristina J.

  2. are you kidding me. that picture of me is the grossest ppictures i have ever seen!!!!!! yuck.

  3. take.it.of. i look like a fatty.

  4. It'll be okay. Besides, i allready posted it, so i cant go back. No one cares, promise. Merry Christmas hailey!


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