You Know It's A Good Day

when you get to sleep in and go to school late.
when you wear heals to school
when you do good on your math test 2nd period
when you talk about gross things in health and so you watch everyone get sick
when you eat lunch with some old friends
when you laugh so hard you cry
when all you do is read in english
when you get put in the school newspaper
when you eyelashes look awesomely long
when you get home to an empty house so you get to blast Drake
when you finally realize that its the last day of school
when you talk to a cute boy
it was a good day(:

Here is a quite that i have decided to live by..
i found it here

So today i'm thankful for My sister Megan. Megan is home. I did miss her quite a bit. Her imitations, her laughter, her jokes, her funny stories, her support, her easy going personality, and her happiness. She is great, and i'm glad to have her home again; even if it's just for the weekend...

Okay i'm done for now..i'll post again when i think of something to post about. Later.

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