20 things you don't know about me.

1. I was born on Leap Year, so i'm only 3.
2. I collect porslin dolls.
3. I have a very big appetite. I eat alot!
4. I have 10 siblibg including me.
5. I am like, obssessed with candles.
6. I am good at photography.
7. I work at PG rec center.
8. I'm not a Harry Potter fan. In fact i get a head ache just hearing the name.
9. I used to be a really good dancer.
10. I like broccoli.
11. I hate shopping.
12. I had braces for 4 years.
13. I want to live on a farm one day.
14. I talk really really fast. A little too fast(:
15. I am really cliche (did i spell that right? I dout it.)
16. I usually can't go 5 minutes without talking about a cute boy i saw that day.
17. I absolutely hate, hate, hate, my nose.
18. I love anything sour.
19. I love the smell of car gas.
20. I get distracted really easily.
There ya go, 20 things you now know about me(:

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