seriously real.

So i'm not gonna lie, i have a hard time reading the scriptures. I get tired, bored, and whatever else. But i read the book of mormon in two days! It was for youth conference. We read the book of mormon in 2 days. From 7-11 every day. No phones aloud. I was so proud of myself. Allthough it was hard, and i fell asleep a few times, i can officially say i did it! But my absolute favorite part of the whole book, is 3rd Nephi chs. 9-11. i love those chapters. Probably because its Christ speaking in his own words. Now my favorite verse is this:
How poweful is that? I know that it is seriously real. Not gonna lie, youth conference was probably one of the hardest things that i've ever done, but i did it. Now i know that i can do anything!(:

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