my grandpa

Today was my grandpas 86th birthday. And i just wanted to say a little bit about him. He is an amazing person. An incredible example and such a good person. He has done amazing things in his life. He was born at the beggining of the great depression and his family made it through that. He was in WWII and he lived through that. He married a wonderful woman, raised a family and lived through that. He adopted two crazy boys, and lived through that. He worked with AARP and lived through that. He became a patriarch, and lived through that. And now he has many grand children, and great grandchildren, and he is living through it. He is an amazing guy, and he ceases to amaze me.
He and his wife do this thing called meals on wheels. It's where they take food and other things to other people. They are always helping people and always making people happy. He is a convert, but you'd never be able to tell. He is a wonderful husband, father, grandpa, friend, mentor, brother, uncle, and whatever else you can think of. Every week i go over to his house and help him with whatever he needs help with, and every week he is working on things for his children and grandchildren. He also is a strong believer in the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints. He has a firm testimony, and his helps mine grow.
My grandpa is someone i want to be like. He has so many qualities that i want. Whenever i am around him, i want to aspire higher, and be a better person. He raised his family in Hawaii, but he is a true cowboy. He is a wonderful person, and if everyone was like him, this world would be much better. Happy Birthday Grandpa, and i Love You!(:

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