Yes, I'm Still Alive!

I'm finally back. Wow it's weird to be blogging again. Boy i have alot to say! But there is so much, that i could seriously make this post, pages long. But since i'm sure you don't want to read pages of my life updates, i will just bullet point a few highlights lately!
-I turned 16!
-My mom brought lunch for me and my friends at school!
-I went on my first date(: It was so fun. We went to trafalga, and then we went to get frozen yogurt!
-I went on my second date. A comedy show. It was quite funny!
-Went to my first dance and had a BLAST! We went hiking, and roasted hotdogs and marshmellow. We played games, and ate treats. We took pictures and then we danced lots! It was so much fun!
-I have been crushing on some new guys. They are all quite nice and lovely looking;)
-And i've been all around awesome! I'm so excited to be back on blogger, and i have many pictures to soon be posted!
Love you all!

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