My Idea Of A Perfect Wedding

I'm obsessed with weddings. I can't wait for my own!:)
My Dream Wedding (at the moment)

I want this in my hair:

My Hair:

 My Dress:

Bridesmaids dresses: (with a white cartagin)

My Shoes:

My Jewlery:

The Cake:

Center Pieces:

Decor for the Reception:

Everyone at the reception will let a balloon go:

My Flowers:

Me and my hub will drive away in this:

With this on it:

Cute Reception:

Cute Wedding Pictures in the middle of no-where:

Our Wedding Songs:
(always forever by donna lewis)

(lucky by jason mraz ft. colbie)
And in this BEAUTIFUL Temple:


I can't wait:) I hope my hubby likes yellow. (Then again, i'll probably have a new dream by next week) Haha. I love weddings, and i am super excited for my own:)



  1. Its beautiful.You will sure have a pretty wedding :).

  2. I love, love, love it!!! So fun & cheery & beautiful!

  3. So adorable! That'll be a cute wedding :)

  4. Such adorable wedding ideas! Love it, especially the idea of random wedding pictures in the middle of nowhere!



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