It Was a Girls Night

We played Just Dance 3; Ate lots of yummy food; Laughed and talked; Played board games; and the we watched 'When A Stranger Calls' It was so scary! It scared me so bad, that i had to sleep on my brothers floor. Hehe, i'm a woosy. But anyways...we took these cute pixx: (Sorry i look so awkward..)

Thanks for the fun night girls!!!


  1. I miss you too, Taesha!!! I love your little "this is my life" blog :) my blog is pretty sporadic and strange, so don't mind it :P

    we should DEFINITELY hang out sometime. And text more. Text me 801 636 6035 just so I get your number again. I got a different phone and the people who transferred my contacts didn't do too good of a job :P

    so good to hear from you again! See ya laters


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