It's A Busy Day.

Today has been crazy, and it's going to get even more crazy. Today's outline:
wake up.
go to school.
test in computer tech.
interesting seminary lesson.
school gets out.
go home and deal with obnoxcious brother.
read ppl's blogs.
nap for an hour.
eat dinner.
go to work.
come home and shower.
eat again.
do the dishes.
read scriptures.

I'm excited to sleep. Hopefully i'll get more than 4 hours tonight. Because lately i've been getting very little sleep. It's probably because i'm so excited for the Christmas break. Only 1 more week! I can do it. I think/: Boy oh boy, the busy days. They just aren't fun.

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  1. I haven't been sleeping as much lately either. I just took a nap today bbecause I was SO tired! I hope you get some rest before your last week of school!


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