I'm a Typical Teenage Girl.

I will warn you now: This is a post about boys and love...so if you don't like reading about dramatic teen love, i suggest you stop right now and go eat ice cream. Okay take your pick....
Allright! Today i was an okay day, except it reminded me of boys, and how lame they can be. We (as teenage girls) all want a boy to tell us that we are pretty, and sweet, and we all want a guy to hug us when we are sad, and to kiss our forehead and tell us that he loves us. But let's face it...everything that happens in high school, usually stays in high school, and usually isn't real. Boys in High School are lame. They are discovering who they are, and some are going through changes. (If ya know what i mean) High school boys, will be boys. But once high school is over, thats when real love comes along. The love that can last a lifetime. The love that is real. But for now, in high school, boys are going to be dumb and they will be jerks..so we just gotta stick it out untill we, (girls), find a guy who will love us for who we are inside (not outside)!
So along those lines; i was complaining to my friend kenzie today, about how stupid boys are, and she cheered me up as much as she could, but i was still being stubborn and thinking that love was lame and wasn't real. So when i came home, i took a nap and when i woke up, kenzie was at my door. She brought me a note that said this: "Don't let this sour situation get you down. Patch it up and find a new kid!" And a bag of sour patch kids. That made me very happy. She's a great friend, and that is some good advice! Don't let boys get you down! And the sour patch kids helped alot too!
Love is real, and i know one day, every girl will have the perfect happily ever after...but for now, be patient. Wait for the good guys who are worth the wait. And be yourself. Don't change for a guy. I'm waiting for my happily ever after, and sometimes i get anxcious, but then i realize 'Wow, i'm only 15!' And i realize that i've got plenty of time.
So i shall wait...
and while i'm waiting, i'll just crush on famous boys(:
Woot woot!!

Love will come eventually(:


  1. You're so cute! And what a sweet friend! Yeah you do have plenty of time. Enjoy being young and make good memories with your friends!

  2. Ya, stay young as long as possible!


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