December 29th: Journal Entry

Today was awesome. It started out with a great morning of sleepinng in. Till 11:30 to be exact. It was absolutely wonderful. Then when i woke up, i had a yummy bowl of wheaties (correct spelling?) cereal, to give me some energy! And then i got ready. Once ready, i headed off to get my hair done at my hair appointment. I went to Sassy's hair salon in Pleasant Grove, and they did a great job. The same girl has done my hair twice, and i just love her. She does aa very good job and we have become friends. I always look forward to getting my hair done. And today i got a deep conditioning done, so my hair looks and feels amazing. But anyways, while i was there, my best friend Chase showed up to see me. He moved to St. George about a year and a half ago, but we have managed to keep in touch. He is awesome and he will always be my best friend. This is us. We had to take some pix before he went back home!

We played just dance, made hot wings, and had chocolate chip pancakes for dinner. It was a fun night and i am going to miss him dearly.

So over all, i had a great day and i'm stoked for new years!

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  1. That is so awesome! He looks like a fun and nice kid!! I'm glad you had a good day, and I am so excited for new years too!


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