The Weekend

This weekend was pretty good.
Jordan and I, spend the weekend with our father, his girl friend, and her kids.
To start off, we went to a restaurant in Salt Lake. The food was very interesting. It was very different. After we ate we went to a bakery because we were still hungry. We walked into the bakery, took some samples, and walked out. It was great to see the workers faces. We didn't even buy anything. Haha after that we went shopping! We first went to a winter sports store, then to a few more stores of my papa's choice. But then it was the girls choice. We went to H & M's!!
 It was soooo crowded but it was super fun. There was so many cute things there. (And lots of adorable gay boys:) It was so hard to decide what to get, but i finally chose a cute black jacket and a cute lace dress. I liked what i got. We shopped in the mall a little while longer and then got smoothies. Yum. Later that night we went to my papas girlfriends house and hung out there for a while. Later we went to my dads house and slept there. Sunday we came home. It was a fun weekend and spending the day in Salt Lake was awesome.
Okay so AMA's is goin on today, and guess who won an AMA?! Karmin! She's a singer and she is super amazing. I am so proud of her! If you don't know who she is, go to the side bar--->and click on 'i LiSTEN' Its her website. She is awesome. Some other AMA winners that i love and support are, nicki minaj; justin bieber; taylor swift; (kanye didn't flip!!!:) selena gomez; drake; karmin; maroon 5; and many many more!!! And i just have to say, justin biebers performance was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!! I love music!!! No Music=No Life. I think we can all attest that that is true. Ehh?? I know i can. Well that's all for now i guess, bye..


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