Watch It!

Today was great.
got to school right on time.
my eyelashes looked super long.
talked to cute boys.
watched a movie in english.
tripped down the stair and a cute boy asked me if i was allright. haha
got a good score on my math homework.
had a yummy lunch.
watched someone laugh so hard, i'm pretty sure they peed.
and it gets better.
Breaking Dawn.
in 8 1/2 hours.
I'm super excited.
Here is a reminder of what i'm getting myself into.
I'm going with my sister and her college friends, my mother, and my neighbor. This should be good.

Okay so Justin Bieber is taking the DNA test today to see if he really is the father of a wack jobs baby. He says he has nothing to fear because he knows that the women is lying. I believe in Bieber. This video was posted on his site, and it made me laugh sooo hard. There is a bit of swearing, but i promise it's worth it. Please watch it..
ahahaha i love it so much. Sorry for the language.
I am feeling the need/want to make a list. So here a few dreams of mine.
Get married.
Have kids.
Go to Africa.
Adopt a child.
Skydiving. (if i don't chicken out)
Kiss in the rain.
Go to Hawaii.
and there is plenty more, but thats all for now.
Oh and lately i'm thankful for jackets. I miss my old leather one, but all well. I'll get a new one eventually. I am so excited for it to snow to, so i'm also thankful for hot chocolate. It's the bestest.
Well have a good weekend.
Bye Bye Now(:

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  1. I remember writing lists like yours. It's amazing how quickly the things we want to attain and experience in life come together. It is so fun creating life!


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