Tis The Season!

Christmas season is my favorite part of the whole year. Not because of gifts. (Well, not all the way) But because we are together with the family. All at once. We don't have to go to school wich means more family time. I love my crazy, complicated, mixed up, wierd, loud, obnoxious family. We fight, we shout, we cry, we laugh, we party, we hug, we smile, and we make lots of lovely memories. I love the spirit of Christmas and the happiness everyone seems to have at this time. And i truely do love my family more than anything in this entire world. Seriously though.
Okay so here's the good stuff.

What are your Christmas music favorites?
 Justin Bieber Christmas Album
Micheal Buble Christmas Album
Cheetah Girls Christmas Album
Mariah Carey Christmas Album

What are your favorite Christmas time movies?
The Blind Side is a great movie to watch at this time. It makes me thankful for everything i have, and it makes me want to be a better person.
Also, Elf. Seriously, you can't go without watching it. It's thee best.

What is your favorite Christmas treat?
Hmmm...all the treats my family brings to our Christmas party.

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?
On Christmas Eve every year, we get a new pair of pajama's and we have a PJ fashion show. It is way fun and we make great memories! Also every year on Christmas eve, all the kids sleep in the same room. It is also super fun!

What is your favorite Christmas memory?
I don't know. Every year has great memories!

What do you like most about Christmas?
The smell. I love peppermint smells and chocolate smells and any other Christmas smell. Candles, food, anything!!

What is your favorite gift you've ever recieved?
Okay about 4 years ago, there were these pants called Gouchos. They were soooo cute. Everyone had a pair and they were the "in" thing. And that Christmas a got a pair. I was soooo happy and i'm pretty sure i wore them at least twice a week every week after, for like a whole year. I loved those pants.

I hope all of you are having a wonderful Christmas break, full of Joy and Laughter!
Here's to hot chocolate and candy canes!!

Oh! And don't forget to pray for snow. So that we can make snow angels and draw in the snow!

Now may we let the Christmas Break Continue!

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