Sometimes, i just don't know...

sometimes we as people get lost in life. we don't know who we are. we don't know what or who we want to be. and we don't know why we are here. sometimes we fail. sometimes we fail alot. sometimes life sucks, and we get sad. sometimes people break our hearts. hurt us. hate us. and ruin us. sometimes we get confused. sometimes we feel lonely. alone. sometimes we get angry. sometimes we hate. sometimes we feel guilty. ashamed. sometimes we don't understand people. sometimes we critisize what we don't understand. sometimes we make mistakes. sometimes we do stupid stuff. sometimes we hurt people. be mean. judge. sometimes we let life takeover. and currently that's pretty much me. i think we all have times like this, and right now is my time. i am confused. i am lost. and i don't understand...anything. but at my lowest points, i somehow get through it. i don't know how or why, but i do. and i'm glad. this is life, and it sucks sometimes. life is hard and sometimes i don't understand why i'm here, but thats okay. everyone has fears, questions, and thoughts. and really...it's okay. we are here and alive. and thats an accomplishment. we are living and learning. and life isn't about the end point. its about the journey. don't compare your journey to other peoples...you have no idea what they are going through, or what their climb is all about. so let them live their life, and you live yours. and support them on the way. sometimes we feel like everything is going great and happy, and then life throws us a mountain. and we get lost all over again. but thats life. it will always be like that. but we can make it over the mountain, and we can do it all over again. its life, and we have to live it. so just do it. be strong in your weekest times. be confused. make mistakes. be stupid. because thats life. and thats how we learn. and as said before, its not the end point, its the journey. my end point is blurry. i don't know what i want. or who i want to be. but i know its ok. it will be ok. because everyday i learn, and experience new things. and all those things help me discover who i am and who i want to be. i'm just living. and i know i'm just being built. it'll be okay. yes. everything will be ok. thats one thing i know for sure.(:


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