One Day...

I will have my day. And my dress will look something like these:

I'm excited to get married..can you tell?

And one day, before i get married, i'll go to prom. {Hopefully} And my dress will be something like these:

Today was pretty awesome.
He talked to me. Alott.
I got my grades up, finally.
I did good on my computer tech test.
I got to eat lunch with fun people.
I talked to some cute fellers.
I had an awesome seminary lesson about temples. Thats what got me excited.
I wore a sweater with roo (from pooh bear) on it.
I didn't do my hair and it actually looked pretty awesome.
For PE we climbed the rope.
I wasn't late to any of my classes.
At lunch, my friends and i, tied out arm sleeves together.
I made muffins when i got home. And they aren't burnt!

So pretty much today was great. And guess what?! It's a friday! Holla!!!
And there is only 29 more days till Christmas! <3 Yayaa!
I'm working on my updated Christmas wishlist right now. I will be very happy if i get even half the things on my list. It's kinda long. Haha..but hey, i'm a girl..what can i say?
Oh and this weekend will be good. I'm going to decorate the house even more. Make brownies with Miranda. Sleep in. Go to work and get money. Go to church in my new dress. And work on my homework. It'll be great. Have a fantabulous friday ya'll!! And Merry {almost} Christmas!!

hugs and kisses,


  1. I'm definitely excited too! I'm not getting married but ever since my friend got married I have been into weddings and started planning mine. It's so fun :) Thanks for coming by!

  2. Love the top dress!


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