My Favorite Christmas Treat

Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel Bites with all natural Sea Salt.
These are the best things i have ever had! I think everyone should try them.

Oh they are so good. Most people have favorite treats like, homemade cookies, homemade brownies, homemade everything, but in my family, we don't paticularly enjoy cooking. And i especially, and so these do the do's. They taste homemade. They are just incredible, so now go buy them and eat them, and never crave any other chocolate or caramel ever again. Haha(: Seriously though. Enjoy!


  1. Costco has some that are good, but the best are the ones from V chocolate. Amazing.

  2. Oh my gosh they look so good! And I bet they taste even better than they look : )

  3. Anonymous, i will have to go try V's then!
    And Sarah, they are! I highly suggest that you try them. They are amazing!

  4. those look really yummy. where did you get them?

  5. I am not quite sure where i got them. I got them as a gift, but i'm going to find out, cuz i want more!!! Haha(:


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