My Daddy :)

So sometimes we as people need to let things go. We need to forget. And this is one of those times. I haven't talked much about my dad. So i thought i'd make a post all about him. I have 3 parents. My mom and dad got a divorce when i was about 2 years old. I don't really remember it but i don't really want to. But my mom got re married to a guy named Doug. And i consider Doug, my daddy. He raised me and he loves me. I love him too. He has always been there for me and he always will be. He is a great guy. I still love my biological dad but he hasn't been here for me at all through my life. I don't like to talk about him, so i am going to just focus on Doug. My daddy. He is so funny, he always makes me laugh when i am sad. And whenever i am thinking about something, he can tell. And when something is wrong and i'm trying to hide it, he knows. He is also very chill about things. If i ever have a question about anything, he has the answer and he tells it how it is. He is so kind too. He is also really sweet to my mommy. He isn't perfect, but with my mom, it sure does seem like it sometimes. They love eachother and i love them. And Doug, will always be my dad. This song always makes me cry a little, but it makes me love my dad and makes me appriciate him. I love this song alot, and i hope you do too!
I don't know if he reads my blog ever, but in case he does, i love you daddy(:


  1. I love this. Such a sweet post. I was thinking of your Dad the other night, and how he was my favorite growing up. I used to follow him around and he'd take me around with him. It was so fun to help him watch Megan and Lindsay when they were little, too. All you've said is true, smile worthy, for sure, and you are so blessed. :)

    Love ya!


  2. Aww really? Thats so cute. He tells me stories of when he would take you out with his friends sometimes, and it just makes me smile. He is awesome, and i definatly am blessed; you are right. Love you too!


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