It's Over: Ozzy Tribute

I don't know if you've heard of it, but my all time favorite tv show, Survivor, is now over. It ended tonight. And my favorite player {Ozzy} didn't win. It was his 3rd time on and he didn't win, but he made in to the final 4. But he was humble about it and he is an inspiration to me, and people everywhere. He truely is an amazing person, inside and out.
He played a humble game. He was loyal, honest, kind, friendly, strong, and every other imaginable good quality you can think of. He inspired me to be a hard worker and to be brave and try new things that i usually wouldn't do. He was an insanly tuff player and the only reason he didn't win is because another player, Coach, was a total wimp. But i know that Ozzy is a good guy, and from what i've seen, he will go very far in life.
 And i must add in, he is a VERY attractive man. He's young, he's strong, he's tuff, he's nice, and he can survive on an island. He really is a true man. I'm pretty sure i'm in love with him.
All in all, i just have to say, that Ozzy is an amazing person, and i truely am his biggest "fan".
He played a great game, and he is a great example to people everywhere.
Thanks Ozz(:
The new season of Survivor will be on in Februuary, i highly suggest that you tune in.
It is an amazing show, and i intend to go on it when i'm old enough.

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