I Would Like Some Hot Chocolate...and Some Hair Style, Please!!

 Style 1

 Style 2

 Style 3

 Style 4

 Style 5 (My favorite!)

Style 6

I wish i had hair like that. In fact, it's my dream. I have no fashion sense when it comes to hair. I need serious help. Haha..i am planning on learning how to do this hair over Christmas break. I want to be able to have cool, cute, girly, easy, and fast hair styles..it would really come in handy in the morning when i wake up 30 minutes before i have to go to school. But usually my hair is just flat, straight, or curled crapily. So hopefully i will gain some hair skills soon. I always enjoy watching hair tutorials because they help me out quite alot. Well nuff said for now.

<3 Taesha.


  1. Thanks! I love the classic bun! It such an easy way to do an up do and looks so good!


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