Hiaya folks! Today i'm Trippin'!

I'm currently computerless. My mother has taken my laptop. Yes, i know..it sucks. But i'll get it back eventually. Parents are dumb sometimes, but whatever. I'm on the family computer right now...i'm not sure if i'm aloud to be, but all well. I guess i should go do chores now. I'll blog more as soon as i get my laptop back. I promise. Hopefully thats soon!!!
And and before i go, i'm asking you all to cross your fingers and wish me luck for tomorrow. I have a test in EVERY SINGLE class!
1. Earth Systems
2. Geometry
3. Health
4. English
I'm freaking out! But hopefully i'll do good. I've studied and i know everything {I think}, i just need to stay calm and focus. Ahh i hope i don't get test anxiety! Wish me luck!

Bah Bah Now!


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