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she is a fashion blogger and i absolutely love her blog. She knows what shes talkin about too. This is one of her post's and i liked it, so here ya go!
H&M Clothes and their prices!!!
 Silk Dress: $79.99       Leggings: $24.99
 Black Dress: $79.99       Necklace: $29.99
Pink Dress: $129.99       Necklace $29.99
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  1. Hello, dahling! It's nice to meet you! Love, love love the bun in the previous post! Awesome! Must try...though it probably won't look as amazing with curly hair as it does with yours. =)

  2. Hey thanks! I know, isn't it so cute?! Actually the bun works better with curly hair. My sister had long curly hair, and she did it on her head and it looked awesome! Give it a try and see how it looks! Thanks for following my blog! Message me, and i'll follow yours(: Thanks again!


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