Let It Snow!

I woke up to snow today. And not just a little bit, it was quite alot! I was soooo happy!!! I'm so excited to go sledding when it gets more snowy, and i'm super excited for Christmas break! I'm a little ahead of myself right now. Can you tell? Haha. And guess what i'm listening to at this very moment? Justin Bieber Christmas CD. I love it. That is what i'm thankful for today. Christmas music.
Okay, guess what else i just did? I just typed up 12 papers of pure words. They were for school, and it wasn't all one assignment, but still, 12 papers. Ahh...i'm thankful to be done! But i still have math homework to do. Darn it!
I also am determined to clean my room today. Do you ever get to the point where your room is such a disaster that you can't see the floor and you don't even want to be in it. That is where i'm at right now. So i really need to do some serious organizing!
Have a merry saturday!!!(: 

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  1. hey lady! here's a video of me doing my hair that i made forev ago, thanks for your sweet comments!!


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