"Last Friday Night"

Today was awesome. It started off with some blog stalking. Then i went down to my grandma baldridges' house and helped her clean her house up..i also did some leaf raking with my grandpa and my brother. Then i came home and got cleaned up and headed off to the movies.

I went with my mom, my dad, and my little brother Josh. We watched 'Jack and Jill's'. It was absolutely hilarious. I loved it, and is now one of my favorites. Adam Sandler is officially one of my faves. He is super funny. Every movie he is in, he make me smile. I love it. I loved the message of the movie, and the humor too. It was a great movie, and i highly reccomend it.

After the movie, we went to KFC and bought some food for dinner. It was delicious. It reminded me of how much i like fast food. Yep. I'm proud of it(: We then departed and went on home. It was a good night, and i enjoyed spending time with the family(:

While i was at the movies, i saw a lovely young lady wearing these:

I think they are so cute. They are knee high, and they have some cute flairs at the top. I love the color too.

Boots are really cute, and they are the ''in style'' right now. I like these ones too:

 I'm thinking i need to do a little shopping. if you know what i mean(: I love boots...plus, they go with pretty much everything. And they're warm(: What is your favorite type of shoes??

Now i just have to add this on...this boy, Liam Hemsworth, is so cute. He was on one of my favorite movies. The Last Song. It was such a cute movie and i love Liam. He's my current crush(:
Well, have a good friday fellow bloggers(:

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