Just An Update

Where should i start?
Well today is a teenagers worst nightmare. Parent teacher conference. Its horrifying! I mean, i am good in class and stuff, but it's always in the back of my head that my teacher could hate me. And i don't want my momma to think i'm a bad student. So yaa, today is freaky.
My friends are great. I have so many funny people that make me laugh everyday..i love it. It's so fun hanging out with my friends. Me and all my friends have so much in common, so it's fun to hang out because it is literally like a party. It's awesome.
Love life is good too. I am..well, boy crazy. So i am not in a serious relationship, i just talk to alot of fellow boys, and they all make me happy! How could i possibly choose? Haha. One day when i'm searching for my hubby, he will have to be a gentleman, he will have to have a sense of humor, and of course, attractive. But hey, right now, i can party with em' all. (Not in a bad way!)
Family is amazing. I love my family. We are so crazy! I love our little complicated circle of family. I am so thankful to have my mom who is so sweet and fun and loving, and a stepfather who loves me like a real dad and who loves and truely cares for me. I love my sibling too! All 9 of them! (10 including me) I love my family so much, and i thank God for them everyday! Sometimes i can't live with them, but i know i could never live without them!
School is typical. The social aspect of it is great. Fun people, happy friends, hot guys, awesome teachers?! But the homework isn't fun. But that never is, so whatever. But in reality, i really don't have that much homework. All my teachers are pretty chill and fun, so thankgoodness for that.
So pretty much, life is great right now. Everything is good and fun, and i'm livin and laughin. So i'm happy! And might i add that there is only 25 more days untill school! Thats insane! I'm so excited though!! I really want it to snow though. You can't have Christmas without snow!

So a few days ago i hung out with this lovely lady her. Miaranda. She's a character.
 We crimped our hair, and did makeup.
 We filled up on pizza that we paid 20 buckeroos for. Worth it thought!
 And we took a bunch of crazy pointless pictures! We are teenage girls, what do you expect?

 It was quite the delight. We also danced around to fun music, and blasted music in the car. It was super fun. Since then, we've hung out 3 times. We are so wierd. Hahaha!
Now another fun update is that there is only
days till i turn 16!!!!!! Ahhhh!!!!!! I'm so stoked!
Okay and finally, just for kicks,
It's neccessary, i know(:
And before i go, i highly recommend you click here and read this blog. I love it, and i think ya'll will too. Take a look! This lovely lady has a wonderful style, and everytime i see her outfits i think to myself, "I want to wear something like that!" And then i attemp it the next day.
Well, nuff said for today. have a wakky Wednsday!! Love ya'll!

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