Inside my head, and then some...

I get sad when other people are sad. And i get sadder when they say that they are ok, when obviously they aren't. It makes me wonder..

I don't like when people are mean to other people. It makes me physically sick to see bullying happen. I think it's stupid to be mean to other people...i mean, come on, don't people have better things to do?

When i don't talk to cute boys. I feel slightly depressed. Really.

I hate skirts. (no offense) but i would just rather be in pants or shorts. Not skirts. I can't move in skirts and they are uncomfortable. Cute, but uncomfortable.

I am really sick of waking up early. I love school but i hate waking up. My alarm goes off, i push snooze a few times, and then i realize i have very little time, so i jump up and get ready super fast.

I am going to start wearing combat boots. I got some way cute ones, and i'm pumped to wear them. They can go with everything. Literally.

When my friends or family makes bad desisions, it makes me cry. I'm serious. I care about people. It's what i do. Sometimes a little too much.

On a brighter note, I have a slight obssession with this guy.
He is from one of my favorite shows, survivor. His name is Ozzy. Cute eh?! I love his hair and his smile. Adorable eh?! I highly recommend, if you don't allready, to watch this show. It is amazing! And so entertaining!!! It's on every Sunday.

Okay so i found this quote here and i just have to post it. It's great.
Can i get a what what?? Visit "here" above, you'll like it.

Well enough of that. I'm thankful for music. I haven't allready said that right? Anyways, i love music. I listen to everything. And i always have somekind of music around me. I can't live without it. I believe that music can change lives. No joke. There is fun music, dance music, party music, sad music, and life changing music. I'm serious. I love it.

So i know what your thinkin, "What is all this writing about?!" or "What more can she possibly say?!" But trust me, you will get a good laugh out of it, so please read the rest of this post. You will be glad you did.

Allrighty, so over the weekend i went to the BYU vs. Idaho Football game. BYU won!!! 42-7. Great huh? I went with my Aunt, my mom, my 2 cousins, and my besty. It was so much fun. We got so into it and we ate soooo much. It was bad. Haha. But a funny story, we had two boys sitting behind us, and at first we thought they were pretty cool, pretty nice and everything, they played with our hair and what not, but then me and my friend walked up to the top of the bleachers and one of the boys grabbed my friends hand and tried to kiss her. She and i booked it down, back to our seats. He came back down and started rubbing her back. Finally we went to the bathroom. When we got back, one of the boys (Not the creep) was sitting by himself, so we took the chance and told the boy to tell his friend to stop touching us. I mean really, we only knew him for like an hour. But he came back and it was all okay. A little awkward, but okay. It was quite the adventure. But the game was good, and it was fun to see my cousins that i don't get to see a whole lot. It was quite the night. Oh and apperently my english teacher sat a few rows behind me at the game. Haha. Well then sunday came along and my little cousin got the priesthood. I was so proud of him. We went to the blessing, and then to grandmas house to have lunch. It was delish. Then we just hung out with the cousins and relaxed. It was super fun. I live my cousins, they're the bestest. Anyways, my weekend was quite fun. But now it's monday. I'm so not ready for another week. Just one week left till Thanskgiving break! Holla!!! Well bye bye now. Have a marvelous monday.

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